Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pacifiers Clip, Nursing Clip

If you have a paci baby you know just how aggravating it can be to keep up with and maintain his/her paci. They drop their paci and you have no where to sanitize it or they are fussy and there is no paci insight.

A paci clip is the perfect solution for you and your child! Simply pull the loop through the paci ring bringing the tail through the loop and then attach the clip to his/her shirt. The clips are lead free and have plastic teeth, so it will not harm your garments. Each paci clip/leash is approximately 8” long plus the length of the clip itself, which is 1".

Nursing Clip If you want to creat your own... I also carry them for you to do that.

These are 3/4" Nickel-Plated Suspender Clips to be used in all your craft-making projects. These clips are the "fingernail style" which feature a slight overhang that allows them to be opened easier. (Look at 2nd

These are great as thy have plastic not to damage fabric.

Measurements are approximately: 1.5 inches long, 7/8 inches wide, with a 3/4 inch slot for ribbon/fabric/material/etc.

International customers, measurements are approx. 3.75 cm long, and 2.25 cm wide. Slot is approx 2 cm.

These clips include the square PVC inserts which are extremely secure and prevent any ripping or tearing on the material placed in between the gripper's teeth.


These are Interchangeable Nylon Headbands , te are soft and non marking on the babys head. I love how the look all glammed up with a Flower or Bow.
Below is my color chart on all the fabulous colors they come in.

These are sold WHOLESALE and RETAIL so feel free to email me with questions.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


4.5 Inch Chunky Bow Assorted Colors

Wholesale $1.50 per BOW

***BOWS are sold by the DZ***

Little Bows 2.5 inch

Wholesale $1.25 per bow

***BOWS are sold by the DZ***

Nylon Headband Color


Actual Headbands

*All headbands are sold by 1/2 dozen as well as by the dozen.

*Headbands are sold finished.

~~~Prices vary based on amount purchased~~~ email supplyboutique@yahoo.com for additional info.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flower ~ NEW Arrival 1st week of MAY ~


This is adorable 7” for thoughs BIG HEADBANDS OR KUFI CAPS

Colors : White, pink, yellow, hot pink, lavender, dark brown



4” Spider Daisy – these come by the dozen

Colors: Black,  Blue,  Burgundy,  Chocolate,  Cream,  Hot Pink,  Lavender,  Lime,  Orange

Peach,  Pink, Red, White,  Yellow,  Purple,  Turquoise/Teal

gerberadaisychart "

4” Gerber Daisy – come by the dozen

Colors:  Burgundy,  Chocolate,  Hot Pink, Pink,  Red,  Ivory,  Purple,  Turquoise/Teal,  Black

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pink Bloomers & More…

bloomie pinkw tag

bloomie whitew tagThese are a sensation… Pink Bloomie Embroidery Blank

or also known as Diaper covers…

metal paci cropped

Metal Paci with plastic insert


Besides carrying Embroidery Blanks and Hardware we will carry -

Scrabble Tiles Great for making Scrabble Pendants, Scrabble Magnets, Pendants, Scrapbooking, Crafts and other DIY projects


Bottle Caps

bottle caps nickel

I will also be adding Nylons to make your own NYLON HEADBANDS….

Friday, April 17, 2009